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Brooke Schuessler

Taniyah Meeks, senior

“My biggest struggle in my life this far, basically, was in my 8th grade year. First semester was really good, but during second semester my grandpa passed away. It caused a big turn over in my life both positively and negatively. First, negatively because finishing that year off and becoming a freshman was hard. My grades dropped very bad and I lost my focus, all I could only think about was my grandpa. Missing him, wanting him to be here. I couldn’t think about anything else but him it was very hard to do my work and understand my work. At this point I didn’t want to understand. I just kept thinking more about him then my school work. But the positive outcome that shaped me was figuring out my true friends.I had friends who supported me and grounded me. When you have a good set of friends it doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 2 or 3 as long as you have some that you can talk to.  They can help make your life better.” – Taniyah Meeks, senior

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