Colleges collaborate with dance department

Natalie O'Dell, Business Manager

The dance department has collaborated with two colleges, Webster University and Iowa University, to enrich their program.  The former is a connection from many years back, and the latter is fresh from this semester.

Iowa University reached out to the dance department, as they were looking to recruit students.  Their program included a performance from a group of their dancers, on Thursday, April 4th, and an opportunity for students to get accepted into the college directly the next day.

“They are seeking out people to go to their university and want to give them some scholarships, and they’re providing the opportunity for us,” dance teacher Nikki Beier said.

Webster University has worked with GCAA for many years now, providing teaching for students in the advanced dance classes.  In March, dance instructors from the university worked with high schoolers, then switched to middle school in April.

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