QOTW: What are Your Summer Plans?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

“There’s multiple things I’m doing for the summer. Going swimming, hanging out with friends, being cute.  I’m mostly excited to see friends because you don’t see them every day like you’re used to.” Sydney Malon...

QOTW: What are You Looking Forward to Next Year?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

May 17, 2016

“I’m just looking forward to my new art classes.  So, just new classes that I can get excited about.  I’m taking sculptor, creative writing, print making, AP government… that’s all I can remember right now.” Kumar...

QOTW: What is Your Opinion on GCAA’s First Prom?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

May 5, 2016

“It went a lot better than a lot of us were expecting.  I thought the music wouldn’t be the best.  A lot of people slayed.” Jaylen Orange, 11th grade.   “I think everyone had bad speculations, but I feel...

QOTW: How Would you Improve your Pathway?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

April 27, 2016

“I would make it so we have better instruments and they wouldn’t break so easily.  That way we wouldn’t have to use substitute instruments because I mean, I feel like it sounds a little bit off.  Cause like, you’re like subs...

QOTW: What Did You Do Over Spring Break?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

April 7, 2016

  “I got commissioned for a lot of artwork. I did a lot of canvas and painting art. I opened up a little clothing store online, so I got to put my designs on a lot of clothes, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and stuff lik...

Question of The Week: Can you Act a Color?

Sariah Henning and Myasia Kisart, Staff Writer and Social Media/Entertainment Editor

March 28, 2016

Have you ever been told that you “act white”or “act black”? Do you believe that people can act a certain race? We’ve asked students their opinion, and this is what they’ve said. “No, you can be yourself. Color is just what...

Question of the Week: Addressing Players

Myasia Kisart and Sariah Henning

February 16, 2016

  "He's not changing for you. If he's breaking up with someone else while talking to you he might do the same to you. If he'll cheat on her he'll cheat on you. How you get him is how you lose him if you're the mi...

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