Class of 2020 photo submission form


Amirah Bauder

2020 Photo Submission Form

  • Drop files here or
    The Senior Magazine may include a section of photos of the journey of the class of 2020. We welcome you to submit photos of you and your friends in the class of 2020 from any time between 6th and 12th grade. By submitting photos, you agree that your images may be used by GCAA Student Media and that you have the authority to grant that permission. The student media staff reserves the right to select which photos will or will not be used in the Senior Magazine. Please refrain from sending in photos referencing gangs, alcohol, drugs, or any risky topic.
  • If some of your photos exceed the file size to submit, you can also create a Google Drive folder and share the link here. You can get the link by clicking "Get Shareable Link" on the folder, and copy and pasting the link above.