Senior Magazine Dedication Ads

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The end of your student’s high school career is near! We know you have many different ways to commemorate the occasion, but we’d like to offer another possibility.

The senior members of GCAA Student Media are working on a print edition of GCAAtoday, where you can write a short note to your graduating senior.

Each “Classified” message will be no longer than five sentences. The only limitation we have on the messages is that they should be original (i.e. no song lyrics, poems, or book passages that are under copyright) and school-appropriate. If you’re not sure of spelling and grammar–no worries! We will be sure to copy-edit every message we receive. The cost for a message is $10. The design won’t be flashy, but we will bold the name of your senior so s/he can find it more easily. An example:

Susie Jones: It’s been a long journey. You’ve worked so hard, and we are so proud of you! Enjoy your time at Missouri State and remember what Grandma said: “Be yourself!” Love, Mom, Dad, Stacey and Ben.

You may write your message by completing the brief form below. Submissions must be received and paid for by May 10 to be included in the magazine.

Senior Magazine Dedication Ads Order Form

You can submit your check or cash payment in an envelope and address it to Mr. Armknecht. If paying by check, please make the check out to GCAA Student Media. If you wish to pay by credit card, you can email Mr. Armknecht at travis.armknecht@grandcenterartsacademy.org to make arrangements. Please note that credit card payments will incur an additional $0.50 charge for processing.

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Senior Magazine Dedication Ads