5 Questions with Kristine Gage


GCAA cabaret students preforming at the Franklin Room.

Keeley Barket, Staff Writer

Kristine Gage is a choir teacher at Grand Center Arts Academy, who was involved with this years Cabaret, this of course was her first year involved with this performance. Below are a list of question about the production and the responses from Miss Gage:


Q: What is the theme for cabaret this year?

A: Music through the ages, so basically music from any time period.

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: Well it’s my first year at cabaret, so I’m excited for that. It’s the student’s favorite event so I’m really excited to see them kinda like in their element since it’s what they like to do.


Q: When is the Cabaret going to be performed? How was the date chosen?

A: March 28, two shows:ones at 1pm and one is at 7pm, both on the 28th.  We chose that date with OVS, which is Our Vocal Support, just kind of working with the Franklin Room which is where it’s taking place to see what dates work. Same place as last year just to see kind of what dates worked for both of us.


Q:Who all is involved in the Cabaret?

A:All the choirs,so every single vocal student middle and high school, and some solo and group acts, they had to audition.


Q:How much does it cost?

A:It’s $25 general admission, and then VIP is $40. the reason why its that much is because it includes the show price and then food price, theres food being served at the show.


Q:Why did you decided to perform this cabaret? Was it set or did you all come together and get to pick the theme?

A:The theme was chosen by Camerata , the advanced group. So I don’t know how they decided on that theme, but this cabarete is our biggest fundraiser for the music, for the choir program, so it like the largest source of income that we have.


Q: How would you describe the performances?

A:I thought the performances both went extremely well and was exceptionally proud of all of the professionalism of our group and solo acts! It’s really exciting for our students to have the opportunity to perform in such a gorgeous space, especially since the proceeds go towards helping the growth of our choral program.


Q:Explain the most memorable part of the cabaret.

A:We had two solo acts by sixth graders that brought the entire audience to their feet. Teeny, tiny Lonnarae Hunt belted out an a cappella rendition Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” and not only received a standing ovation, but was called back out on stage in the matinee show. Devontae Graham dedicated his heartwarming performance of “Oh Glorious Day” to eighth grader Aidan Jurotich, who was originally set to perform with him but was sidelined due to an emergency surgery, and brought the audience to their feet. Many of them were left in tears when he exited the stage, as well. This is why we do what we do. Music has the power to touch people and both of these young singers were able to do just that.


Q:What is one thing you would change about the performances?

A:Next year, we’re trying to avoid having a matinee show and instead having all performances during the evening. I wasn’t in attendance last year, but many concert-goers commented that the ambiance felt much more like a “cabaret” in the evening performance. I also hope for 100% attendance, especially from my high school students! We had almost half of the concert choir missing. We’re working on revising the menu, as well.


Q:Tell me you favorite thing about cabaret in general.

A:I love seeing the pride our students take in not only their performances, but in helping out in any way that they can to ensure the event is well-enjoyed by all. Whether this is by showing up early to help set up, staying late to help tear down, helping serve food, etc, it’s really neat to see how much they care about our department. This makes all of the hard work so worth it!


Q:What are you most looking forward to for cabaret in the future?

A:We have already had a meeting with our parent volunteers and have begun the beginning stages of planning for next year. I don’t want to give anything away, but the theme we are thinking of should lend itself much more to a “cabaret” theme. Now that Mr. Smith and I have gotten our first Cabaret under our belts, we know more what to expect and can focus on making next year even better!