A future fashionista: The new era of retail

Nuri Broady, Staff Reporter

Junior, Lexi Mitev’s depop account

Depop is an app that allows absolutely anyone to sell their own products and one student in particular has taken advantage of this opportunity. Lexi Mitev is a Junior who has a “passion for fashion” and decided to start selling her own clothes on Depop under the name of ‘Y2kshawty’.

“Fashion is an artistic expression. I’ve never felt like I fit into a certain group and I’ve always dressed like how I wanted to,” Mitev said.

Hand painted camo pants painted by Junior, Lexi Mitev.

She mostly sells Y2k clothing also known as early 2000s style clothing such as graphic oversized t-shirts, big hoodies, sunglasses, bags, and baggy pants mostly that she thrifts herself.

“I sell all of my old clothes that I don’t need anymore, and sometimes I go to the thrift shop and see things that I want to wear but can’t wear because of the size or whatever so I just put it on my Depop, somebody buys it, and then i ship it out,” Mitev said.

Originally, Mitev made a depop for the fun of it, but she also needed the money while doing something that she enjoys. “I wanted to make a depop because I’m broke. I need money and my mom won’t allow me to get my own job so it’s just another way to make money,” Mitev said.

With the opportunity of thousands of people possibly seeing a depop account, Mitev aspires to make her setup as aesthetic as possible. “Across from my bed I have this pink slumber party bag that I got at a thrift store and I put that on my wall. I hang my clothes up over it, take pictures, then edit them to look prettier,” Mitev said.

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“I just recently bought this top from depop with a matching skirt for $25.””

— Lexi Mitev

Artistic expression and fashion are two things that she finds important, luckily Mitev’s artistic expression IS fashion.

“My goal in life is to be as independent as possible. I don’t want to work at a job that restricts myself from being who I am. I’m going to college for fashion design in the fashion institute of technology and I want to have a NYC based clothing brand,” Mitev said

As one can see, Mitev has already started a foundation for her fashion independence through Depop which can really benefit her in the future. But when did this fashion drive start?

This young fashionista was in the third grade when she truly discovered herself. “One time these kids bullied me because I was wearing boys’ Mario pajamas and didn’t care because I liked it. From then on I just decided to continue to think outside of the box and not care about trends and norms,” Mitev said.

Lexi hopes to grow and continue to fulfill her dream as a fashion entrepreneur in her near future. If so, her love for fashion will only grow stronger. This Depop account is just the beginning for the young designer.

Nuri Broady
“Fashion is an artistic expression. I’ve never felt like I fit into a certain group and I’ve always dressed like how I wanted to,” Junior Lexie Mitev said.