ABBA Returns! ABBA releases a new album to give homage to their journey as artists

Photo from the official ABBA website of ABBAs new 2021 album, Voyage


Photo from the official ABBA website of ABBA’s new 2021 album, “Voyage”

Korissa Smith, Editor

It’s been 40 years since the Swedish pop band ABBA said good-bye to the world in 1982 but a surprise came to ABBA fans all over the world when ABBA decided to release a new album!

ABBA, an acronym for the four members’ names: Agnetha Falkskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad, is a Swedish pop band formed in 1972 Stockholm, Sweden.

The band was an instant success after winning the international song competition Eurovision with their hit song “Waterloo”. After which, the band throughout the 70s produced a slew of hits.

After the band members’ divorces, ABBA took a break in 1982 to focus on their own separate solo careers and remained inactive within the band.

However, in 2017 fans ABBA announced that they would be recording three new songs to be used in a live concert using their made avatars or “ABBAtars” as some fans might call it.

But the excitement did not stop there, the ABBA members found that it was so much fun to record songs together that they decided to make a whole 10 song album!

The album titled “Voyage” was released on November 5th following the three singles “I Still have Faith in You,” “ Don’t Shut Me Down” and “Just a Notion.” All widely received by audiences.

The album touches on many topics. The first single, “I Still Have Faith You” was an ode to the band’s history and togetherness throughout the years. The second single, “Don’t Shut Me Down” is about the band’s comeback and wanting fans to give them a chance, more specifically, give their “ABBAtars” a chance.

Besides these, the album tends to cover more sweet poppy songs like the christmas song “Little Things” which talks about the joys of christmas time. There is also the popular song “When You Danced with Me” which is a girl-loves-boy story in which a girl reminisces on the time they had together. Then there is the single “Just a Notion” that talks about the “notion” that a girl’s love is out in the crowd waiting for her.

However, their is also the trend of talking about broken relationships in a catchy tune, “I Can Be that Woman,” “Keep an Eye on Dan,” and “No Doubt About It”

In other songs like “ Bumblebees” in which Lyngstad sings about climate change and the world today and “Ode to Freedom” in which the band talks about how they will leave their legacy, both give ABBA’s perspective of the world.

Personally, I would not say this is ABBA’s best album but it is a well-written and produced record that if you are hardcore fan will satisfy because it is most certainly ABBA as if they were still in the 70s.