Additional school days added due to extreme winter weather


Aiya Hunter

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: A calendar with the phrase “Summer Break!” crossed out to represent the extended school year. The last day of school is now Thursday, May 30.

Aiya Hunter, Staff Writer

During the 2018-2019 school year, there have been four days called off due to weather hazards. As required by state law, there are six days built into the school calendar to accommodate for potential school closings due to weather or other circumstances. In a district-wide letter addressed on March 20, 2019, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver stated that we will be making up three out of the four days that were missed.

“To date, we are required to make up three (3) of our four (4) school days. This means that we will have school the Tuesday (5/28), Wednesday (5/29) and Thursday (5/30) following the Memorial Day holiday (5/27). Consequently, Thursday, May 30th will be our last day of school. No teacher record day is being provided,” Dr. Carter-Oliver wrote.

The last day for seniors and graduation day will remain the same. The June summer school session will start June 3, 2019. If there are any additional days called off the current schedule will be updated and addressed.