Alicia Keys embraces power and confidence in new album “Keys”


Shot from visualizer for “Nat King Cole.”

Jie Cruesoe, Staff Reporter

Alicia Keys’ songs have always gotten to me in amazing ways, but “Keys” is the ultimate game changer.

On December 10th, 2021, Alicia Keys released a double album ”Keys”, followed by “Keys: A Short Film.” I’ve listened to every song and they are astounding. This album is yet another comeback for Keys.

My top 3 favorite songs from the album are “Nat King Cole”, “La-La (Unlocked)” (Featuring Swae Lee), and “Nat King Cole (Unlocked)” (Featuring Lil Wayne) in that order.

The message from “Nat King Cole” and the remixed version with Lil Wayne, is that the best never rests. The lyrics “’cause greatness never disappears” convinced me the most to pick this as my favorite song. She sings about being “unforgettable like Nat King Cole.” This song is inspiring, it’s an anthem to me, it gives me hope that I can do something great one day, that I can be powerful, make a change, and be unforgettable, just like Nat King Cole.

“I’m Alicia, I’m finished holding back, now keys takes that to the next level,” Keys states in a behind the scenes video. “Keys’ is like a whole world. It’s some place where you can completely let go of all your inhibitions, let go of all the things that ever held you back. The music is so sonically stunning… There’s a simplicity to it that’s very [very] confident.” She said.

Alicia Keys is a very empowering person, and I plan on taking “Keys” for granted for inspiration and motivational boosts. And in that I have to say, “Good job Alicia Keys.”

Behind the Scenes of “Keys.”:
“Nat King Cole (Original) Visualizer”:
“La-La (Featuring Swae Lee) (Unlocked) Visualizer”: