Arts after High School: Alumni and current students discuss their artistic ambitions


Courtesy of Royce Martin

Image of the cover of Royce Martin’s single, October. Provided by Royce Martin.

Jordan Gorham, Editor

After winning the Fox Teen Talent Competition, Royce Martin knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

“I realized that I really wanted to pursue arts after I won the Fox Teen talent competition during my sophomore year in 2016.”, Alumnus Royce Martin, class of 2018 said, “After that, I started to believe in my abilities in music.”

Students who have come and gone to Grand Center Arts Academy have chosen to pursue their arts after high school. Some have gone off to college to become masters in these pathways, and some have chosen to just pursue their art outside of education.

“In a year from now I hope to be finishing up earning my bachelors degree.” Alumnus Israel Binder, class of 2018, said.

This year seniors are getting prepared for college and deciding what they want to do later in life. They have been working hard to choose what they want to major in and some have chosen the pathway that they’re in.

“In 5 years I will see myself out of college with a job and selling my art.” Senior Jessica Price said.

Students who have graduated in the past have gone on to college to pursue their art, some have even become very influential and they have so much advice to give.

“Take yourself and your art seriously,” Alumnus Clare Whyte, class of 2018 said. “Work on it as often as you can and make sure you love what you are doing.”

Students from GCAA have gone on to be very successful after high school when studying their art. Students like Royce Martin have gone on to receive amazing opportunities in the world of Hollywood.

“It was a great experience,” Martin said. “I learned a lot from it in terms of how it works and what it takes to do it.”