Bring Me The Horizon releases new album, gets backlash


Nuri Broady, Staff Writer

The band “Bring Me The Horizon” has experimented with different genres throughout the fifteen years of their career. They started off with ‘Deathcore’ which is a fusion between heavy metal and punk that also sometimes uses lyrics preoccupied with death, suffering, and destruction. They then transitioned into ‘Alternative Metal’ which is a heavy eclectic form of rock music. After their fourth studio album, ‘Sempiternal’, was released, the band decided that they no longer wanted to make heavy music anymore. Their fifth studio album, ‘That’s The Spirit’, received a lot of negative reactions due to the lack of their signature edgy touch.

“We don’t want to carry on and pretend we’re still full of angst”, keyboardist and primary songwriter Jordan Fish explained. This album did have the qualities of a ‘Metalcore’ album, but it mainly was a pop-ish, electronic pop album. The majority of Bring Me The Horizon fans took a few months, and even years, to adapt to their change of genre, but this was not the end.

Bring Me The Horizon’s experimentations of new genres has taken another level of diversity in their music. ‘Amo’, their sixth studio album, released January 26, 2019. “Amo doesn’t sound like what we’ve done before; fans are going to have to give the disc a few spins to fully absorb what it’s all about…we change every record anyway, but this time I think some people are definitely gonna be like, ‘What the ****’s happened to my favorite band?’ But at the same time, it’s still Bring Me The Horizon.”

“We just felt like it was time to do something completely different”, lead singer Oliver Sykes explained due to the possible controversy between the band and their fans. The first week after the album dropped, the band received loads of critique about the album. Many people were angered about how “commercial” and “mainstream” their music became. After that week of controversy ended, many fans acknowledged and respected that Bring me the Horizon no longer wanted to make music of their old genre.

“Many people say that they are becoming very commercial, but even though that can be true, the new BMTH has a very mature sound and the lyrics are still elaborated. They didn’t lose the quality of their sound in that sense.”, said a fan from Argentina.

Each of Bring me the Horizon’s songs on their album, ‘Amo’ have a deeper meaning than just any music to distract you from your troubles. Like always, the band’s music it meant for you to think, deeply listen, and relate to with your feelings. For example, “in the dark” is one of their more pop
upbeat songs, but it’s from the perspective of someone who has discovered that their significant other has cheated on them.

Keyboardist of Bring Me The Horizon, Jordan Fish, explains the meaning of their last song, “i don’t know what to say”, “Oli wrote the lyrics about his friend Aidan. He was at our Teenage Cancer Trust show at the Royal Albert Hall after he’d recovered from cancer, and Oli gave him a shout out onstage. But unfortunately the cancer came back and Aidan passed away. This track is in his honor. He wrote this thing before he died – like a poem, but not really – and all the lyrics are taken from that. It’s a very personal one for Oli, and it felt like an appropriate way to end the album.” Though a lot of fans aren’t the happiest about this release, the band put a lot of effort into ‘Amo’ and I think more fans realize that everyday.