Cast list for Shrek: The Musical announced

Aurora Phillips, Engagement Editor

The cast list for the theater department’s spring musical, Shrek: The Musical, was just announced, and this week marked the first week of rehearsals. With more than 20 students involved, the cast is larger than any other theater production in recent history. The students range from middle schoolers to seniors in high school. The cast list went up as follows:

SHREK: Charles Pierson, 12

Shrek understudy: Daylen Clemmons, 10

FIONA: Averey Campbell, 12

Fiona understudy: Tess Krampfert, 12

DONKEY: Ayanna Taylor, 12

Donkey understudy: Nayla Nava, 9

FARQUAAD: Reginald Coleman, 12

Farquaad understudy: Jesus Pena, 9

DRAGON: Nyariah Edwards, 10

Dragon understudy: Heaven Rhodes, 9

GINGY / SUGAR PLUM: Laurencia Meyers, 10

Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy understudy: Grace Bradley, 12

PINOCCHIO: Kali Rogers, 12

THELONIUS: Tess Krampfert, 12

BIG BAD WOLF: Alex Hughes-Troupe, 11

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS: Jesus Pena, 9; Heaven Rhodes, 9; Rachel Mueller, 11

WHITE RABBIT: Taylor Williams, 10


PETER PAN / PIED PIPER: Colin Schuessler, 8

WICKED WITCH: Grace Bradley, 12

UGLY DUCKLING: Nyariah Edwards, 10

HUMPTY DUMPTY: Aiya Hunter, 11

YOUNG FIONA / ELF: Nayla Nava, 9

TEEN FIONA: Rachel Mueller, 11

PAPA OGRE / PAPA BEAR: DJ Clemmons, 10

MAMA BEARr: Khrystiana Joy, 12

BABY BEAR: Riannah Bauder, 8

THREE BLIND MICE: Brianna Hernandez, 11; Morgan Elsaw, 7; Raven Vine Schad, 12

FREATURED DANCERS: Nykia Moody, 10; Martese Davis, 11; Morgan Elsaw, 7; Brianna Hernandez, 11; Raven Vine Schad, 12; Aiya Hunter, 11; Khrystiana Joy, 12; Tess Krampfert, 12; Heaven Rhodes, 9

Shrek: The Musical will be May 2-5. More information will come as the show approaches.