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Chad Hastings

Chad Hastings, Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Q. What made you want to work in education?

“One of my first jobs was teaching swimming lessons, so it was kinda like a dry run of bigger teaching, and I just really enjoyed it. It was fun working with the kids, and seeing them grow and get better, [it] was really fun.”

Q. How many years have you been working in education?

“I was 15 when I started, and now I’m 24. About 9 years.”

Q. What made you decide to work at GCAA?

“ I just thought the culture was interesting and I really like the arts integration, I think it really houses some really creative and inspiring students, and it makes teaching a lot better.”

Q. What’s one of your favorite hobbies?

“ I really like playing sand volleyball, watching TV shows on Netflix, spending time with friends and family.

Q. What are you most looking forward to this year?’

“I’m looking forward to further integrating myself into the community and getting to know more students, more staff, and making myself home.”

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