Choir students perform in first choir concert of the year

Jessica Carter, Staff Writer

The first choir concert of the school year, GCAA Fall Choir Concert, was on October 11, 2018 in the Sun Theater.  The concert featured  Middle School choirs Girls’ Choir, Boys’ Choir and Ars Nova directed by Patrick Mattia. It also included High School choirs Concert Choir Treble, Advanced Treble, and Camerata directed by Nick Rhodes.

“We would do warm-ups to get our voices ready like solfege and sight reading and then we would practice the songs. We then went to the Sun to run through the concert set-list and practiced through the music a million times. Then the day of the concert we did better than we practiced, so I feel like we did good. I still feel we could’ve practiced more together throughout and not at the last minute,” eleventh grade choir student Amouree Stroud said.