Coco – One of the most impressive Pixar movies yet


Courtesy Pixar

Miguel with his guitar in Coco. Image used with permission.

Ace Moen, Staff Writer

The story of the movie Coco follows a young boy named Miguel Rivera. He comes from a family of shoemakers, but he wants to be a musician, like his idol, the famous Ernesto de la Cruz. His family has banned all music after his great great grandfather left the family to pursue his dream of being a musician and never returned. On the Day of the Dead, he tries to steal Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar from his memorial to play for a talent show and winds up traveling to the world of the dead, joined by his friend Dante, a stray dog. Along the way, he makes some friends, such as Héctor, a man from the land of the dead who claims to know Ernesto de la Cruz, and the famous female artist Frida Kahlo.

Since the Day of the Dead is typically a very bright and colorful holiday, it makes sense that Coco was equally so. It wasn’t so bright and colorful that it was harsh on the eyes, but it was definitely something that I noticed as soon as the movie started.

Not only was the movie colorful, but it was also extremely well made, which is to be expected from a Pixar movie. All of their movies have been amazing, in my viewing experience. However, something about Coco made it seem even more well-made than any of the past Pixar films I’ve ever seen. A lot of hard work was put into the making of this movie, and it’s evident. In fact, there were thousands of 3D model houses and over 8½ million lights in just one scene towards the beginning of the movie, when Miguel first sees the land of the dead from a distance.

Courtesy Pixar
Miguel in the land of the dead. Image used with permission.

Along with being a fantastic movie, Coco also contains some really beautiful lessons about the importance of family. It only makes sense that a movie taking place during the Day of the Dead would be about family, since it’s a holiday dedicated to celebrating and remembering members of the family who have died. Coco’s powerful messages make it the perfect movie for people of all ages.