College Acceptances of GCAA

Jordan Gorham, Editor

As the class of 2022 starts the process of their last year here at GCAA, seniors have begun to put more and more college applications in as it is getting closer to their final goodbye.

Seniors at GCAA have applied so much hard work to get to where they are today and a lot of them have already been accepted into the college of their dreams for their future careers. Some seniors have chosen schools close to home while others have chosen schools as far as New York City.

“I chose Lindenwood because it’s far but not too far from my home” Senior Jessica Price said. “I toured the campus and had a great experience, it was fun and not too big and confusing”

As seniors continue to look at colleges and decide where they want to go for the next 4 years of their lives, some seniors have already chosen their major for college which will lead to their future profession.

“My major will be food business management in the culinary arts,” Senior Kara Hudson said.

Seniors are hoping to grow in new ways in college, and are hoping to have new experiences, and some are just hoping to become more independent.

“I think I’ll grow to be more independent compared to living with parents and I’ll become less shy and try to make new friends.” Price said.

Although GCAA is an arts school some students have chosen professions that are not art based while other students like high school senior Rebekah Gilbert have chosen to pursue a career in the arts.

“I chose SEMO because they have good scholarship options,” she said “I think I’ll become a better musician and be able to actually make a career out of my natural talent.”

High School is a long journey, but like all good stories it must come to an end, and many seniors of GCAA are excited to see where this new journey of college and adult life will take them.