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Tessa Wild

Dejah Farmer, senior

“I’ve been around children my whole life, I’ve had to take care of them when their moms weren’t around. I want them to know that they’ll always have someone to depend on. I want to help them, I want them to know that they always have someone to take care of them, someone who’s always going to be there for them, to let them know that everything’s going to get better. I’ve always had a passion to help children. Recently, I volunteered at the boys and girls club, and I helped with musical chairs.”

“I didn’t have much contact with my dad. And it made me feel like no one was there for me, except for my mom. It was hard because I would see my other friends with their dads, and I always wondered why he wasn’t there for me. So I want the kids at the hospital that I’m going to work at to know that someone’s going to be there for them. To take care of them, and to know that everything’s going to be okay.”

“The education here has helped me for the better cause we have more of a say in what to do. And it will help me in the future so when I go to college, I’ll take the education and learn from it. Mr. B (Steve Burgess) was my biology teacher last year, and he helped me learn the basics. He helped me after school when I had trouble. When I told him that I was thinking of majoring in something else cause I didn’t think I could do it, he told me that I shouldn’t and that I should always chase my dreams. Life isn’t easy, and you can be whatever you want to be. Recently, I went to counselor Smith, to talk about my future. And I was telling him how my other friends are good at something at school, from dancing to painting to singing. And then he told me that I shouldn’t worry about anyone else’s accomplishments, and that I should believe in myself, and that I’m going to have a bright future, and it meant a lot to me, because I felt like I wasn’t achieving my goals, and Smith made me realize that I am. Things take time.” -Dejah Farmer, senior

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