DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

Sophie Iffrig, Staff Writer

Sophie Iffrig

With Valentine’s day coming up many people would like to get a loved one something nice to show their admiration and appreciation; however, most of us either don’t have the time or don’t have the money. If you’re looking to give someone a gift but don’t know what to get them other than the cliche chocolate and flowers, then a cool thing you could do is make the gift from scratch. This easy D.I.Y is a cute and original way to show you care while using materials that you most likely already have at home!


Materials needed:

  • Mason jar
  • Paint colors of your choice
  • Blank printer paper (colored or plain white could both work)



  1. Lay out your paper towels on a surface, then set your jar on top of them.
  2. Take the paint colors of your choice and begin painting designs and/or quotes that you feel best suit the interests of the person whom you are gifting the jar to.
  3. Let the paint sit to dry.
  4. Take your paper and cut it into different sized strips.
  5. Fill each strip of paper with a sentence explaining why that person makes you happy, a happy memory, or anything positive you can think of.
  6. Take all of the strips of paper and put them into the jar making sure that the jar is completely filled up.

Now you have a quick and easy gift for as many people as you want! It is cute and versatile, and also has that sentimental value that is sure to fill that person with happiness.