Double Decker: Doug and Kirill – A little strange, a lot amazing


Michael Wafford

A screenshot of the cover of Double Decker on Funimation. The two main characters are centered, Doug on the left, and Kirill on the right.

Michael Wafford, Staff Writer

 Double Decker: Doug and Kirill is about a rookie investigator named Kirill Vrubel, and the experienced Doug Billingham.The show is a spin-off of Tiger and Bunny, a show about televised superheroes, but is a new storyline full of new characters.

Doug and Kirill stop criminals who are associated with a drug known as Anthem, that gives its users superhuman strength and eventually takes them to an evolved state of “overdrive,” giving the user various powers that seem to be based on desire. Double Decker has a unique aesthetic that seems to take a bit from the steampunk genre making it unique from most crime-type stories.

Being a new show with a growing plot, Double Decker has a lot of potential for character development. The characters in the show all have unique and enjoyable personalities, which leaves a sense of excitement as to where the story will take them. Take Kirill, the determined protagonist, for instance.

His single ambition in the show is to be seen as a hero. He often takes outrageous gambles in the heat of the moment in order to get closer to this goal. His immaturity allows for a lot of personal growth, which is a good trait for strong main characters and makes him a lovable and exciting character. Doug also seems to have a lot more to offer in terms of character development. One of the major reasons I enjoy his character so much is that even though we’ve seen very little of his personality so far, you occasionally get glimpses of his deeper, more solemn personality.

The show overall is very imaginative and quirky, and the characters are well-thought out and enjoyable. The best part about the Double Decker is the way that the art and storytelling draw you into the show, its small quirks are what makes it unique, like how the narrator makes jokes while in the middle of the introduction. The whimsical tone combined with the emotional and serious subjects make the show fun to watch. The strange and characters are fun and memorable, and the interesting plot and art are totally unique. These features make Double Decker the perfect show for someone who’s feeling up for something out of the ordinary.

Double Decker: Doug and Kirill premiered Sept. 30th, 2018, and is on Funimation, Crunchyroll, or VRV.

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