Dual Enrollment

Jordan Gorham, Editor

With graduation approaching many seniors at GCAA have decided to take the opportunity to dip their toe into college life. Some of them have taken this opportunity to gain some college credits while some also do it to experience life on a college campus.

Doing dual enrollment this year has opened up a lot of eyes for seniors at GCAA. Some of them feel like they have grown and matured since the beginning of these college classes and some of them feel like it has truly widened their horizons.

“Dual enrollment helped me because it gave me more of a college experience,” Senior Daysharia Wilkes said. “The teachers are always there when you need help and even after hours they are still there.”

With graduation around the corner the seniors of GCAA are beginning to figure out what they want to do after high school. Some have chosen college and some have chosen to take a gap year. But for other students like high school Loren Gill, some have chosen dual enrollment because they feel like it gives them the chance to think about what they want to do for their life after high school.

“I decided to do it because it’s better for me and my future,” he said “It gives me time to think about what I want to do after high school.”

High school has been a long journey for some seniors but it has provided so many opportunities. Dual enrollment was one of those opportunities and it gave students an opportunity to grow in so many ways. And it gave them a chance to see and experience what college life will truly be like.