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Ace Moen

Artist: Ay-O, born 1931

From the Dictionary-4, 1971

“This arrangement of geometric forms defined in bands of color creates a startling optical experience. Ay-O’s joyous ‘rainbow’ works were actually borne out of the artist’s apathy for painting. Rather than generating his own subject matter, he appropriated images from fine art and popular culture and reworked them methodically in stripes of color transitioning through the spectrum.”*

This print really interested me because unlike most of the other prints, it’s extremely colorful. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see something so vibrant at this exhibition, especially considering that all of the other prints I had viewed prior to this one were very dark or had muted color palettes. Some barely even had any color at all. Although this one was not one of my favorites, it stood out enough for me to be drawn to it. It isn’t the prettiest, but it was unique and memorable.

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