Harry Styles releases a sparkly surprise on YouTube: “Lights Up”

Nuri Broady, Staff Writer

Many fans are raving about Harry Styles’ random single drop on October 10, 2019. Last night, former One Direction member, Harry Styles, dropped a single called “Lights Up” which had many fans startled. The night started with an unexpected Instagram post.

Fans rave in excitement when harry Styles posts this photo of himself on Instagram. Styles’ last photo was posted in July 2018.

Styles who hasn’t posted since July 2018, posted a photo of himself wearing a sparkly button up light blue shirt, baby blue suspenders, and a silver cross necklace leaning against a wall looking up with his eyes shut. He then posted a music video on YouTube labeled as “Harry Styles – Lights Up (Official Video)” which already had thousands of likes. This video was full of smiles, light, sweat, and reckless fun. 

The video starts with Harry fixing his hair with no shirt on in a crowd of people. The scenes go back and forth from him in the crowd, him on a motorcycle, and him in possibly a hotel or suite. The main scene where he’s in a crowd seems almost intimate or welcoming. You can see people resting their heads on him and moving him around the crowd as he looks relaxed and/or happy. He appeared very happy throughout the whole video which also made the fans happy. The video ended with a police chase and Harry making a crazy face. So far there is mainly positive feedback towards this recent drop and I’m excited to see more reactions towards this surprise!