5 Questions With: Chloe Viner

Chloe Viner is a junior who plays several instruments although her dominant instrument is her voice.


Amber Frost

Chloe Viner, junior

Amber Frost , Staff Writer

Q. Do you play any instruments? If so, what instrument do you play and for how long?

A. Yes: The guitar and ukulele. I’ve played guitar for a year, ukulele for one year and a half.

Q. What kind of guitar do you play and why?

A. I play the acoustic guitar because I like the sound, and it’s the guitar I feel is used the most besides the electric. It was also the easier transition for me from the ukulele, which is where I started.

Q. What is so unique about the ukulele?

A. The ukulele is such a unique instrument that is so well known but not played by many, and the sound quality is unique.

Q. Do you play any other instruments that not many people know about?

A. I can play the recorder, it was a requirement for the fourth grade and I have been playing since.

Q. Do you have any advice for people that may have stopped playing their instruments?

A. Just to pick it back up and find a new angle for playing. In the long run you’ll be so happy you continued to play.