High school arts students takes a college and museum field trip to Chicago


submitted by Kennedy Brown

High school art students posing in front of ‘The Art Institute of Chicago’

Jessica Carter, Staff Writer

On April 26, 28 high school students and five staff traveled to Chicago for an art trip to The Art Institute of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Senior Kennedy Brown was impressed by what they saw.

“I liked being able to look at the college since I’m a senior. I was nice. I really enjoyed the art that they presented there, because they had a lot of real Van Gogh, Picasso, and Georgia O’Keefe pieces. There were all these really, really famous pieces of artwork that I would’ve never expected to see in real life. So that was cool,” said Brown.

Sophomore Iain Zimmerman agreed.

“The trip was pretty enjoyable. The food was really good. There was this really interesting stain glass piece in the museum. I focused mostly on the ancient river valleys such as Mesopotamia, Syrian, Persian, etc. There was a lot of alabaster – a sculpture made out of stone and a lot of ancient Egyptian things. I liked it,” said Zimmerman. “The college we visited was nice, I wouldn’t attend it because I want to pursue something besides art, but it’s a good college for someone wanting to go into the arts. I had a good time overall.”