High school lip sync battle and basketball rematch to take place May 17th

Brooke Schuessler, Staff Writer

In the fall, Student Council held the first teachers VS. students basketball game, which the teachers won. Now it’s time for a re-match. On Thursday, May 17th,  STUCO is planning  a basketball game re-match along with a high school student lip sync battle, which has been done previously for teachers. The day of events will start at the Sun Theater, 3:30-4:30, for the lip sync; then the move to Confluence Preparatory Academy, until 5, for the start of the basketball game. The game will end around 7:30. Both Chaperones and participants are needed for both of these events. 6-10 Chaperones are needed for the lip sync battle, 5 for the bus ride, and 6-10 for the game. STUCO is also looking for 7-10 student participants for the basketball game re-match.