Is Weezer still Weezer?

Jessica Carter, Staff Writer

I went to see Weezer March 24, 2019, and I feel like they absolutely lived up to their name.

Nuri Broady
Weezer preforming a cover of ‘Africa’ by Toto

Weezer, a ‘rock’ band established in 1992 in Los Angeles, California, recently dropped their 13th and 14th album in 2019. The ‘Teal’ Album, dropped on January 24, consisted of primarily covers and the ‘Black’ album, dropped on March 1, consisted of not so ‘Weezer’ like songs. And if I’m being honest – I wasn’t so excited for the concert.

A lot of the songs on this new album reflects the popularity of the auto tuned, electric pop everyone favors in 2019. Even though their band consists of a drummer, a bassist, and two guitarists, a lot of the instruments were very robotic with auto tune. But, their live performance saved their name.

The concert consisted of them ad libbing parts of songs that were usually filled with simple electric sounds, there was fire and confetti, and just a lot of exciting extras added to hype up the crowd. 

Jessica Carter
A fan holding up the ‘Weezer’ sign during their final encore

What truly made the concert more enjoyable was the fact that they can’t fake their instruments in real life. What made Weezer go down hill to me was their lack of the rock feel – it was gone. But this concert reminded that Weezer is still Weezer.

I believe that if you’re more of an old Weezer fan, you would really enjoy the live version versus the pop filled album.