Kate Valleroy

Q. What is your title at GCAA?

“Visual Art Teacher”

Q.How many years have you been in education?


Q. Where did you get your certification/teaching degree?

“Webster University”

Q. Why did you decide to go into education?

“I love teaching and sharing my love of art. I love holding a safe space for art making.”

Q. Where did you work before getting a job at GCAA?

“Maplewood Richmond Heights ECC for 11 years where taught preschool , ceramics, gardening, RTI, Virtual Kindergarten, and art”

Q. Why did you choose to apply/accept a position at GCAA?

“I did my apprentice teaching here at GCAA and fell in love with the students, families and staff.”

Q. How do you think your previous experience (whether in education or not) will benefit you as a teacher at GCAA? 

“My many years of experience will serve me as I settle in at GCAA. I will practice warm and demanding expectations for myself and students .”

Q. What has been your favorite part of working at GCAA?

“The students and families .”

Q. What has been the most challenging part of working at GCAA?

“Being new and figuring out how to do all the GCAA things. I haven’t felt like a new teacher in a long time.”

Q. What do you look forward to most this school year?

“Walking field trips, watching students grow, and the student art show.”

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