Little Shop of Horrors cast reflects on their performance

Kohl Parker, senior, plays Orin Scrivello in Little Shop of Horrors. “This is my big reveal that I am a dentist and you really get to see the sadistic side of Orin,” Parker said.

Kaitlyn Eckhard, Staff Writer

The Theater Department took on Little Shop of Horrors for this year’s spring musical. The shows took place on March 16th-18th in the Sun Theater. The cast took time to reflect on their performance in the show.

Little Shop of Horrors is about a flower shop assistant named Seymour who discovers an unusual plant during a total eclipse that only feeds on human flesh. Seymour names the plant “Audrey II” after his coworker, Audrey. The cast and crew had been working since January to prepare for the performance.

“We had ups and downs and there was a point and time where we all had our personal struggles and so to have the show turn into what it did, really gave us a boost to make it better,” Charles Pierson, junior, said.

The cast recalled rehearsing up until the night of the first show. They said that the overall experience was enjoyable and felt the show was a success.

“I definitely think that we pulled off a successful show and it was a lot of fun,” Kohl Parker, senior, said.