Making History In MakerSpace

Students in MakerSpace use innovation and imagination to create projects.


Juju Vieth

Student Gayvn Hagan is seen here working on his MakerSpace project.

In MakerSpace, there are various pathways students may take to display not only their individuality, but their enthusiasm as well. “MakerSpace allows me to do creative things, and put my talent into creative things.” says Andre Manning, 9th grade.

Students like Manning are trying to find ways to apply what they are doing in MakerSpace to their everyday lives.

“There’s a component of independent work as long as it’s interesting, challenging, and fun,” says Andrew Gooden, the teacher of MakerSpace. “This really is a class for independent minded students, who wish to utilize various tools and resources.”

Devin Evans,11th grade, who is in the musical pathway, utilizes his 20% Time, free time, to create beats. “It’s really good that I can use MakerSpace to help me with my music, it gives me a controlled place to do my work.” says Evans while he works in Fruity Loops, the beat making program that he uses. Devin aspires to be a successful musician, and the discipline and work ethic that he is receiving in MakerSpace will benefit him in the future.

Like Devin, many other students are trying to apply what they are learning in MakerSpace to their everyday lives, and to their art careers. For instance,

Na tayzjah Henderson,10th grade, spends her 20% Time creating guitars and other musical instruments.

Although MakerSpace was offered as a class last year in the second semester, this is the first year that it is being offered as an elective with a grade.

“This is a class for opportunist, I’m really glad I was able to get this chance to work here this year.” says Royce Martin, 9th grade.