Making the Strikes of Life: A Senior trip to Bowlero


Korissa Smith

(left) Loren Gill and (right) Natalie Young as the they get ready to bowl

Korissa Smith, Editor

Senior activities are supposed to provide a time for seniors to get together and just have fun with one another. But truthfully, there is a sort of sadness lingering behind it. It’s more of a “last hoorah” before we become young adults.

The first senior activity was a trip to Bowlero, a bowling alley full of neon lights and other cool vintage aesthetics including an old black mustang. A choice that I considered to be a high success.

Seniors were able to relax in a way that they haven’t been able to all year and were able to hang out with people that they may not have been able to contact in months because of separate class assignments, heavy duty work, or online learning.

When I was there, I was truly able to appreciate that time.

A close friend and I spent the whole time laughing and being silly together. However unfortunate for me, I lost every bowling match, but I had lots of fun at the arcade. I won a few things like the enlarged versions of Pac-Man and the Hungry Hippo.

Visual of laser tag room (Korissa Smith)

I also did not win things like laser tag which I found to be boring anyway. (No this has nothing to do with the fact that I kept being tagged 😉 )

I also had fun watching my peers having a good time playing air hockey or basketball or finally (after 5 bowling matches) hitting more than 3 pins (Yes, talking about myself).

These are all the things I will remember when I get out of high school.

The losses and the wins. Yes, this year has been stressful. I have had piles of work to the point where I only got 1 hour of free time when I got home. I have suffered through AP Chemistry, and I have been stressed through my three different Acellus courses. But I have also found new friends in these last 2 months. I have reconnected with a friend I met in middle school. I conquered all of the courses that were perceived to be too hard to take and brilliantly I might add. It has been a very hard year but I feel we will all persevere.

As my fellow seniors and I roll into a new world as a bowling ball casting down the lane hitting the pins of life knocking down the old and hoping not to be recast like a recycled bowling ball into the new. We are making the strikes of the future and not accepting any gutter balls. WE ALL WIN!