Microwaves have returned!


Nuri Broady

Microwaves are back and are in use! Senior Mya Wraggs heats up her coffee in the North cafeteria.

Nuri Broady, Staff Writer

Public microwaves have been brought back to the school’s cafeterias! For the past few years of new principals and staff members, students did not have the option of warming up food for lunch. There isn’t an exact date on record, but around the school year of 2015-16, the microwaves were removed from the cafeterias. This was due to students abusing the microwaves by burning the food or putting unsuitable items inside of the microwaves. Many students were upset about the removal of the microwaves.

“When we got the microwaves taken away I felt heartbroken. I was really mad because one person messed up then I had to receive punishment for it,” senior Maxine Pulsipher said.

Recently, the school’s student council has been speaking about how the school still doesn’t have microwaves, but high school principal, Dr. Shane Hopper, was there to act upon this problem. Dr. Hopper spread the word by asking all of GCAA’s teachers if they had a microwave to donate.

“I think students should be able to bring food and have a way to heat it up,” Dr. Hopper said.

Around five people offered microwaves, but there are only two microwaves in use. The two microwaves were donated by two high school teachers, special education teacher Stephanie Zornes and chemistry teacher Michael Howe.

“I had an extra microwave at home and I thought ‘why don’t I give it to you guys?’ I think it’s good to have, especially for kids who have dietary needs or that need to watch what they eat,” Zornes said. The microwaves are now available for everyone in the north and south cafeterias.