Middle school pie eating contest held as reward for high attendance

Sixth grader Nala Lindsey takes a breath after she wins the first round of GCAA’s Pie Eating Contest.

Amirah Bauder, Staff Writer

During first period on Thursday October 4th, middle school students with at least ninety five percent attendance went to the Sun Theater for GCAA’s first ever Pie Eating Contest; organized by the middle school student council.

“We just need to do things like [the assembly last year on the last day of school] more often as a student body that are just ridiculously fun, and a little stupid, and just give us all a chance to laugh together,” said middle school English teacher and student leadership sponsor Michelle Oyola.

The contest consisted of four rounds, sixth graders went first, followed by seventh graders, eighth graders, and finally teachers. Each round of contestants had five minutes to try to be the first to finish an entire pie. The pie-munching champions were sixth grader Nala Lindsey, seventh grader Zola Gutierrez, eighth grader Michael Lindsey, and middle school social studies teacher Joseph Dickinson.