Raleigh Light

Nicole Marr

Q: What is your title at GCAA?
“I am the special education teacher for middle school, and I also teach 8th grade math.”Q: How many years have you been in education?
“I have been in education for 14 years as a teacher and was a tutor for 2 years before that.”
Q: Where did you get your certification/teaching degree?
“I was a lateral entry, meaning I worked at another school in the Network before coming to Grand Center this school year.”
Q: Why did you decide to go into education?
“I was a disabled child, and many of my therapists thought that I would be a good teacher.”
Q: Where did you work before getting a job at GCAA?
“I was at South City Academy.”
Q: Why did you choose to apply for a job at GCAA?
“I’ve always liked the arts. I thought kids would learn more easily in an environment where they are happy.”
Q: How do you think your previous experience will benefit you as a teacher at GCAA?
“I look at things differently than other teachers do because I have worked in many different fields.”
Q. What has been your favorite part of working at GCAA?
“I love seeing the pianos everywhere in the building.”
Q. What has been the most challenging part of working at GCAA?
“I have stadium seating in my classroom, so it’s hard to teach in this space.”
Q: What do you look forward to the most this school year?
“I look forward to seeing the shows and the kids in them.”
Q: Anything else you would like me to know?
“I bring a different perspective as a teacher. I lived almost a whole entire life before teaching, which brings a very unique perspective.”

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