Open house kicks off new student recruitment efforts

Aiya Hunter, Staff Writer

As the school continues changing, the students are changing with it. The administration has noticed the impact that new students can make in our school environment and hope to use this to further reach the school’s mission. An open house was held on Saturday, December 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They plan to attract future students who have the same vision as our school. They also plan for another open house in the Spring of 2019.

At the open house there was much for visitors to see. High school and middle school student ambassadors gave tours of the school depending on the grade the child was going into. Orchestra students played music in the cafeteria where food, goodie bags and some administrators waited to meet visitors. Middle school choir students sang in the hallway. They started new songs in time intervals and dances were improvised on the main dance floor for people to see.