Opening of arts hotel creates opportunities for collaboration


Mario Harris

Angad Arts Hotel opened across the street from the school. The hotel is looking to collaborate with the students of GCAA.

Mario Harris, Staff Writer

The opening of the Angad Arts Hotel, located right across the street from the school, has opened up opportunities for collaboration. The hotel is wanting to use the arts as a special touch to the hotel’s atmosphere. The director of special events and Nightlife at the hotel, Ozzie Salcedo, discussed with Ashley Olsen, head of school, thinking of different ways to collaborate and bring the attention to the arts and the hotel.

The first thing that Olsen and Salcedo talked about was working with the famous chef David Berk, who will be working in the restaurant that will be in the hotel. They wanted to see if the kids would be able to have a popup performance while the guest are there, just to bring a little excitement.

“Sing a song, play the violin, hit a couple steps just a short random presentation,” Olsen said, “Since we both been looking for a way to collab the two together this would be a perfect opportunity for us.”

The request was confirmed and became the first collaboration that Grand Center Arts Academy had made with the Angad Arts Hotel. They both announced that there will be more paid promotional opportunities for the visual art kids that will be helping make the flyers and materials for the hotel. Recently there was a napkin contest, which became another opportunity for the visual arts students. 

“This opportunity was so important because not only was it a way for us to have the kid’s art be seen, the kids that entered in this contest will be creating an installation in the hotel,” Olsen said.

Ozzie later informed that he wants Grand Center Arts Academy to be the foundations of that installation. Ashley Olsen and Ozzie Salcedo check-up every month now, presenting new and amazing collaborations for the school and hotel.