Poetic Soulz: The 2016 Slam Season


Margaret Schuh

Rhyme it Up, Live it Up. Juniors Samar Slaughter, Sevahn Henderson, Bisa Adero, Tobias Wells, Sydney Hollins- Lewis, sophomore Quinlan Holt, and Central Visual Performing Arts students attend a poerty slam at Metro High School.

Kawan Yarbrough, Staff Writer

For the past couple of years, a few high school students, Sevahn Henderson and Samar Slaughter, have been apart of the poetry club since it’s beginning. They were able to speak on this year’s poetry season.

Henderson, 11th, described this year’s slam season as a good one for GCAA stating,

“We won every single slam we’ve been to, didn’t lose, not one! All of our people came in top place. Overall, it was amazing for us,”

When asked what his favorite part about this season was, he went on to say,

“My favorite thing personally was my poems because my poems were funny, and a lot of times with poetry, people tend to go to the depressing side, and it comes off angry, so my poetry is kind of like a reliever to all of those situations,”

Henderson also said that this year’s poetry season lasted from February and ended in April, and that he would also be apart of it next year.

When asked if he had any advice for anybody looking to join something as poetry club, he said.

“I’m not gonna say you have to have a dominant personality but, you have to have a strong sense of self first, because sometimes people will critique your poems and there’s going to be some haters. You have to be really strong”.

Lastly, Henderson was explained what the environment of a competition was like, “It’s like a jungle. You have your different animals! You got your cheetahs, leopards, and your kangaroos. It’s different people there. You’ll meet some people that’ll give you a real sad story and then you’ll meet people that give you the complete opposite. It’s a lot to be expected.”

Slaughter, whom also is a junior poet, was also able to speak on the poetry season and give her personal thoughts and feelings towards it.

“I feel like this season was very successful, mainly because it was our first year and we made it so far, and because two of our poetry team members made it to nationals, being Bisa and Tobias.”

Slaughter talked about some of her favorite parts of the competition.

“I think my favorite thing about it was being able to listen to so many talented and creative people and being able to meet those people, and have conversations with them, I think it helped me build my confidence and encouraged me to keep on writing and doing what I’m doing.”

Slaughter will also be apart of this again next school year, and also gave some advice for potential poetry club.

“I would tell them to just be themselves. Say what you need to say. Don’t censor anything, just put your all into your poetry. That’s what it’s about. Poetry is about putting your all in and saying what you need to say and getting your message out there.”

Slaughter adds additional thoughts and feelings addressing the poetic competition.

“Of course I’m nervous because, listening to other poets I’m like oh my god! They’re so cool! They’re so good! But, I think it builds my confidence even more because I’m good too! So I know I’m gonna go up there and kill it just like they did! It’s also a little nerve-wracking at first, but I’m fine afterwords.”