Question of The Week: Can you Act a Color?

Sariah Henning and Myasia Kisart, Staff Writer and Social Media/Entertainment Editor

Have you ever been told that you “act white”or “act black”? Do you believe that people can act a certain race? We’ve asked students their opinion, and this is what they’ve said.

IMG_9049“No, you can be yourself. Color is just what you look like, your personality isn’t connected to that. You can see that we’re all different colors working with each other and not meaning to judge what others look like.” Leslie Cielo, 11th grade

IMG_9052“They can act like stereotypes of a race and unless you believe that those stereotypes are true, people cannot act a race.” Galen Selligman, 10th grade

“I believe that people can act a stereotype of a race, but I don’t believe that they can act a color. Any time people find me being loud or using slang, people say ‘you’re acting very black right now’. But you cannot act a race. It’s just me being me.”  Safa Caplinger, 10th grade

photo 1“Not exactly, because they’re just being themselves. If that’s the way they act, that’s the way they act. You can’t change that about a person.” -Holly Berman-Carter, 6th Grade



photo 2“You can act like a stereotype, but you can’t necessarily act like a color.” -Rasheed Johnson, 6th grade


IMG_9053 (1)“You can act like a stereotype of a race. Unless you believe that those stereotypes are true, you cannot act a color.” -Noah Lowery, 9th grade.