QOTW: How Would you Improve your Pathway?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

IMG_4640“I would make it so we have better instruments and they wouldn’t break so easily.  That way we wouldn’t have to use substitute instruments because I mean, I feel like it sounds a little bit off.  Cause like, you’re like substituting like a gong for a triangle.”  Devin Evans, 12th grade. Instrumental Music Pathway.

IMG_4639“I would probably do more like walking field trips to things. So we’d have more like… More options of exploring things.  Like if we walked down to the dog park or something so we could see like all the sculptures and try to paint that.” Haley Huson, 9th grade.   Visual Arts Pathway.

IMG_4642“I’d have mirrors be in the like gym room because some classes have their class in the gym.  And there’s like that rubbery like concrete feeling floor but there aren’t any mirrors.  That would help.” Jada Smoot, 11th grade.  Dance Pathway.

IMG_4638“I think that I’d like to do collaboration with other arts pathways.  And then like, instead of just having chamber choir we could have like, different kinds of vocal music.  So we could have like pop and then maybe jazz.  Other than that, not much.” Riley Brawn, 10th grade. Vocal Music Pathway.

IMG_4634“If I could improve my pathway I would definitely improve the organization of it all.  I mean because at times we do put on really good shows, but in the middle of it it’s just so hectic and crazy that it’s sometimes hard to really like know what you’re doing and know how it’s gonna work out.  And I mean like, although like you know, we make good shows, it could be better if there was more organization skills.”  Charles Pierson, 9th grade. Musical Theater Pathway.

IMG_4643“Umm… Have more committed students in our pathway.” Josiah Mack-Carpenter, 12th  grade.  Technical Theater pathway.