QOTW: What are You Looking Forward to Next Year?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

IMG_6580 (1)“I’m just looking forward to my new art classes.  So, just new classes that I can get excited about.  I’m taking sculptor, creative writing, print making, AP government… that’s all I can remember right now.” Kumari Pacho, 10th grade.


IMG_6575 (2)“Theater. More theater performances and things.  Just more arts in general. That’s all.” Jackson Schilling, 8th grade.




IMG_6584 (1)“It’s finally about to end! Being a senior and finally getting to see the full school for what it is.” Ana Gonzalez, 11th grade.



IMG_6586 (1)“I’m looking forward to making something out of myself. Uh…going to community college and getting a job, getting my license, and trying to find my identity.” Hunter Holtzmann, 12th grade.


IMG_6572 (1)“Taking the academic electives, like mythology and stuff like that.” Nyla Burns, 7th grade.



IMG_6578 (1)“I’m looking forward to more arts, and more field trips in the future maybe. Like theater field trips. I’m looking forward to seeing people.” Ayanna Taylor, 9th grade