QOTW: What are Your Summer Plans?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

IMG_7099“There’s multiple things I’m doing for the summer. Going swimming, hanging out with friends, being cute.  I’m mostly excited to see friends because you don’t see them every day like you’re used to.” Sydney Malone, 8th grade.


IMG_7092“I don’t have any plans for the summer… I’m probably gonna mow the neighbors lawns, and then we will go on a float trip.” Zadie Connell, 7th grade.


IMG_0273“I’m going to camp. It’s an arts camp in Maine called Med O Lark, and I will be there for a month. And I’m going to Bermuda.” Caroline Knapp, 10th grade.


IMG_0272“I plan on working a lot, I work at Raising Kings, because I need money because I have to go see Beyonce in September. And staying positive for the summer.” Kameron Roy, 11th grade.


IMG_0271“Nothing much, just like camp with Jagusch. It’s for helping kids with Spina Bifida disease.” Heather Williford, 11th grade.