QOTW: What Did You Do Over Spring Break?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer


IMG_4506 “I got commissioned for a lot of artwork. I did a lot of canvas and painting art. I opened up a little clothing store online, so I got to put my designs on a lot of clothes, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and stuff like that. And I’m making money from it.” Tyson Johnson, 11th grade.
IMG_4494 “I traveled to North Dakota. I went parasailing.  It was terrifying! I screamed like a little girl.  It was fun.” Alex Hughes, 8th grade.
IMG_4504 “I got my permit renewed. And, what else did I do? I went to a concert for Runt, they’re a band here at school, it’s Jasper Moore and this other kid. It was fun. I also rearranged my room at my father’s house and wrote a song or two.” Sophia Piasecki, 10th grade.
IMG_4502 “I made a banana pudding.” Justin Clay, 12th grade.
IMG_4496 “Over spring break I went to the mall two times. I mostly stayed at home and slept in. I mostly went around St. Louis. I also talked to my brother and my dad.”  Roneisha Brown,8th grade.
IMG_4548 “My son turned six years old so we had a party, and that was cool. We had a pinata and they played soccer and we did face painting. We also went hiking in Castlewood state park and relaxed.” Evan Smith, History Teacher.