QOTW: What is Your Opinion on GCAA’s First Prom?

Sariah Henning, Staff Writer

P1190078“It went a lot better than a lot of us were expecting.  I thought the music wouldn’t be the best.  A lot of people slayed.” Jaylen Orange, 11th grade.


P1190079“I think everyone had bad speculations, but I feel like all together it was really beautiful and even though it was the first one I think it all came together.” Kaya Brody, 12th grade.



P1190080“It was cool.  It was really pretty.” Brittany Smack, 12th grade.



P1190081“I thought the first prom was really exciting. The music was pumping and the food was really good.” Aaron Lyndsay



P1190082“I thought it was great actually.  The atmosphere was nice.  The venue was great, the kids looked great.  It seemed like it was impossible not to have a good time.” Brandon Riley, Theater teacher.



P1190083“It was nice.  Even the music was good, and everyone was dressed nice.”  Aaron Cannon, 12th grade.