Rising musician, Grandson, releases new song that confronts gun violence

Image provided by MOXIE, used with permission.

Image provided by MOXIE, used with permission.

Paisley Regester, Staff Writer

On February 14th, seventeen students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were shot and killed by former student, Nikolas Cruz, an event marked as one of the largest mass shootings in American history. Just a month following the deadly incident, Los Angeles musician Jordan Benjamin, more commonly known as grandson, released the song “thoughts & prayers” expressing his frustration towards the gun industry, specifically the National Rifle Association (NRA).

24 year-old grandson, an alternative rock musician of growing popularity, is known for creating songs with large hip hop bases, infused with R&B and classic rock influences. This diversity of style has allowed for grandson to draw in a widespread audience. “thoughts & prayers” has already received much positive acclaim and has acquired almost one million views on Youtube and over two million streams on Spotify.

The title of his new release, “thoughts & prayers”, is a reference to the stagnant response of politicians following school shootings, despite the much-needed implementation of stricter gun control legislation. The song’s direct and uncensored lyrics hit the heart of those who share similar frustrations, and challenge the stances of those previously on the fence. West Los Angeles Children’s Choir sings alongside grandson at various points throughout the song, maximizing its impact by mirroring the protests of other young people around the world following the recent epidemic of school shootings in the United States, 21 having taken place in 2018 alone.

Since its release, “thoughts & prayers” has been performed at multiple March For Our Lives events and rallies, a movement that was founded by Parkland students that has now spurred worldwide protests calling for increased gun legislation.

“thoughts and prayers” is just one of many grandson songs that focuses on ideas of social justice, politics, and the difficulties of growing up, specifically in the younger generations. Even for those not fond of the style of grandson’s music, the universal ideas his songs express are what have drawn so many into his growing fanbase.