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Ace Moen

Artist: Yoshida Hiroshi (1876–1950)

Sailing Boats––Night, from the series The Seto Inland Sea, 1926

Sailing Boats exists in six variations: Morning, Forenoon, Afternoon, Evening, Night, and Mist. Achieving the depth of color and subtle variation of hue and texture in these prints was a feat of technical mastery. The nighttime version on display here required 25 impressions from 15 woodblocks.”*

The only word I can think of to describe this print is this: gorgeous. As soon as I saw this piece, I was speechless. There’s just something about it that was so captivating. The colors aren’t too vibrant, but they aren’t all dark and depressing; it’s more of a happy medium, and accurately depicts how colors look in dark lighting. Even after I left the art museum, I couldn’t get this print out of my head.

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