Maliah Hamilton

Sarah Keeling

Q: What is your title at GCAA?
“I am the 7th grade math teacher.”
Q: How many years have you been in education?
“I have taught for 23 years.”
Q: Where did you get your certification/teaching degree?
“I got my teaching degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.”
Q: Why did you decide to go into education?
“I had a teacher in high school that inspired me to become a teacher.”
Q: Where did you work before getting a job at GCAA?
“I spent 14 years teaching at Hazelwood teaching math and spent 8 years teaching in Arizona.”
Q: Why did you choose to apply/accept a position at GCAA?
“I was really impressed with the community of GCAA, and the acceptance of everyone.”
Q: How do you think your previous experience will benefit you as a teacher at GCAA?
“After teaching math for 23 years, I have some strategies and tools to help my students be successful.”
Q: What has been your favorite part of working at GCAA?
“The staff and the students have been very welcoming.”
Q: What has been the most challenging part of working at GCAA?
“I live far away and have to drive in rush hour traffic.”
Q: What do you look forward to most this school year?
“I look forward to being in an outgoing, fun and new environment.”
Q: Anything else you think you would like me to know about you?
“I am looking forward to having a good school year.”

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