School clubs and associations cater to diverse student interests


Michael Musgrave-Perkins

Students (Left to Right) Junior Terriana McNeal, Sophomore Zoe Ervin, Senior Nayla Nava, Freshman Kamillia Bradley, Junior Colin Schuessler, Junior Jie Cruesoe, Senior Kareem Matthews, Freshman Israel Lanos, Senior Eddie Houston, Senior Jermiah Williams, and Junior Noah Trevino rehearsing for fall play “Milk Like Sugar.”

Jie Cruesoe, Staff Reporter

From slaying dragons and overthrowing kings to supporting your favorite cause, there are before and after school extracurriculars for a variety of student interests. Clubs and associations include: Robotics Clubs, Anime Club, Esports, Genders-Sexualities Alliance (GSA), Chess Club, Black Lives Matter Association, Dungeons and Dragons Club,  Stage Band, and the Fall and Spring theatre productions. This year’s fall theatre production is the play “Milk Like Sugar” by Kirsten Greenidge.

“I like the play, I think it [is] a lot substance [significant]. I’m not quite sure what I’m excited about yet, but I’m excited for the cast, to really get into our characters, and show out,” said junior Aislyn Morrow, who is in the cast.

A club coming in the spring is the Middleton Fellows Mentor Program led by Alex Rearick and partnered with MIZZOU.