Second Semester Hopes and Goals

Jordan Gorham, Editor

As the second semester continues here at GCAA, many of the students have high hopes and dreams for the second semester. But the students also have shared some of their hopes and dreams for the entire year of 2022.

High school senior Ali’Yah Roundtree expressed how she really just wants to focus on growth throughout the school year especially when it comes to her classes.

“I want to try to focus more on school and getting things in on time because it’s something that is definitely needed in college.” Roundtree said.

Going to a school where academics is a very important aspect of life along with the arts can be tricky. Some students hope to continue to keep the balance between school and other aspects of their outside life.

“I want to work on maintaining good grades like A’s and B’s,” Senior Eric Williams said. “while balancing work, school and other things.”

Now that 2021 has come to an end, the GCAA students have talked about their hopes and goals, not only for the new semester but also for the new year.

“I am expecting to be ready for adult life and expecting to have some solo adventures by just riding with myself for a bit.” Junior Noah Trevino said.

Although 2022 has just begun the students of GCAA are looking forward to the rest of the school year and for what this new year has in store for them.