Senior Activities: Sky Zone Field Trip

Jordan Gorham, Editor

Senior activities are a time for all seniors to be able to have fun being around each other and to laugh, have fun and just live in the moment. That is exactly what the second field trip to Sky Zone provided. The seniors got a chance to jump, play, run around and most importantly have fun with one another. The seniors were just a week away from graduating and now they are in their final moments before one of the biggest moments of their lives and this was a true opportunity for all of them to be able to distress, let go and have fun.

“I enjoyed the fact that I was having fun and living it up with people I was once pre teens with.” senior Josiah Burton said.

As the seniors get closer to graduation a lot of them were happy to have the chance to have one last hoorah before they cross that stage. Some of them even talked about how it was amazing to have an opportunity to not have to stress about work or classes, just to have fun.

“It felt good to not be stressed over assignments and just have fun.” senior Amaya Haines said.

The seniors truly had an amazing time at sky zone and for some of them it was even their first time going!

“It was fun because I’ve never been to sky zone and jumping with friends was really fun.” Senior Jessica Price said.