Staff members receive award for ‘Staff of The Year’

Jessica Carter
“I had gotten a text from my administrator asking where I was and I was just in my office getting some things together for a class…She came in with a bunch of different people from the resource office – the CEO, some other people, and some administrators – with balloons and flowers…They just came in, surprised me, and said nice things and I appreciated it a lot,” instructional coach Courtney Young said.

High school science teacher Bradford Buck, middle school math teacher Elisabeth Reeder, instructional coach Courtney Young, and security officer Zena Bush have been selected as the winners for the 2nd annual ‘Staff of The Year’ award. Starting January 4, 2019, teachers and support staff within the Confluence District voted on staff members who they believed had the biggest positive impact on student learning, the best relationships with colleagues, and has had the most positive relationships with parents and/or the community at their respective schools.

Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver, Confluence CEO, delivered the news in-person to the winners during a surprise visit on January 29.

Jessica Carter
“I think there were a lot of really deserving teachers, so I don’t really know why I received this, like it’s an honor I was chosen, but I know that there are a lot more deserving teachers,” middle school math teacher Elisabeth Reeder said.

“I felt excited receiving this award, yet surprised, considering I’m a new teacher,” Buck said, “Like I know I’m doing my best, but some days I just feel like I’m keeping my head above water. Teaching is a lot of work especially in the beginning. The time I had to take over for Burgess was quite challenging, trying to pick up all his plans and continue it for his classes, but the support from others teachers made the job easier. Which is what I feel like led to this accomplishment because, yes I work hard, but I also receive a lot of support from teachers and I have people to go to to ask questions about classroom management, assignments, how to manage grades, stuff like that – things you only get from experience – so I ask experienced people.”